La Luna Rossa

A blend of different beers, some of which are barrel aged up to 2 years with morel and amarena cherries. Intense amber with ruby highlights, the nose is extraordinarily complex with fruity aromas of morel and amarena cherry perfectly blending with subtle ethereal notes, acetic and lactic flavors and hints of oxidized malts. It has a sapid, full mouthed lasting palate with a magnificently elevating sour finish.

A beer for strong emotions, it is an homage to all lovers beyond time and space.

ABV. 8,0% 18°P

The moment I blend La Luna Rossa represents a mile stone in my history as a brewer when I feel truly proud and satisfied with my work. This beer has the longest maturation and its brewing resembles wine making in that regard. It is always very emotional when Myself and Luca (a solid presence at the Brewery) find ourselves between sour splashes and leftover pieces of fruit that remind me the “visciole”(morello cherry) my grandfather used to eat while playing cards.

Beer and wine are two totally different drinks and are to be enjoyed in different ways. Beer is brewed and does not require maturing or aging like wine. Wine gets better with age. It gets smoother and more sophisticated as it matures. But there are some beers which also require long maturation periods. This particular beer undergoes a long process. The base itself is the result of long term fermentation and is quite sour. Then cherries are added for the additional flavors and this process is also time-consuming. I am always emotional at this stage as it reminds me of my grandfather. We loved having cherries while playing cards and now in between the processes I end up nibbling on the leftover fruit pieces. Spending time over here doing something I love and enjoy is probably the best way to spend my life.

The start is a sour base which has undergone at least 2 years of mixed fermentation with acetic and lactic bacteria as well as Brettanomyces strains. Amarena and morel cherries are then added for additional flavor for at least 6 months. The beer is then blended with part L’Ultima Luna and part young beer and poured into numbered bottles indicating the year of the curvee. 12 more months of maturation in bottle are required before entering the market.

La Luna Rossa resembles a Flemish red based kriek beer and is extraordinarily complex and elegant. Lovers of this blend find it hard to forget.

Krampus Riserva Strepponi

Drawing inspiration from Belgian beers, it features 9 different spices. Intense amber with balsamic and fruity aromas and a base of caramel, it is a Christmas beer. Its citrus nose and sour mouth are delivered by the use of wild yeasts (Brettanomyces) and lactic bacteria that during the beer’s 12 month aging, trigger a secondary fermentation. Surprisingly charming and rich, it is dedicated to all those moments that will never come back.

ABV. 9,0% 20°P

I created Strepponi Reserve a few years ago when I decided to use Brettanomyces, Bruxellensiis and Lactobacillus strains for the secondary fermentation in bottle. The first batch was far from encouraging; it smelled like prescription drugs, acid yogurt and salami mold. We stored it meaning to dispose of it and forgot all about it.

Whenever a new beer is brewed, the results are not always great. Sometimes the results are very far from what is expected. Sometimes the best beers are a result of the accident and not design. It has happened many times that the beer which is not liked initially and is condemned and kept aside for discarding can turn into a best seller. After some duration, some beers can turn into a very tasty and heady concoction and it seems like a good thing that it was not discarded. Aging can be really good for some brews but can turn some into totally distasteful drinks. Brewers can do everything possible to make a beer very palatable and tasty, but it is the unexpected things which can turn the beer into a pleasant surprise. Blind taste test can be a good way to find good beers. Without any outside influence or extra resources, one can concentrate on the true essence of the beer. The aroma, taste, balance, and textures all seem more potent when you are fully concentrating on one or two senses only. Really tiny amounts of adjustments made while brewing can become more pronounced during a blind taste test. The flavors which otherwise would be lost become easy to guess and make us enjoy the beer more.

Then, during a hot summer day, Maso (at the time assistant brewer) presented me with a blind taste test. I was taken by surprise: a well balanced mix of aromas of rust, lactic, leather, cherries, fruit candies, anise, citron, balsamic and cola with a sour finish! It painted a big smile on our faces for the remaining of the day!

We called it Strepponi Reserve to honor Giuseppe Verdi’s second wife….the “sour wife”!


It was a hop explosion, an experience heightening my senses. Imagining all I desired from my beer but never dared to ask for. Some people thought it wasn’t for everyone. Ultimately, most of those who tried it ended up falling in love with her.

6,5% ABV. 15°P

Hop is this beer’s undoubted star.

Being our reoccurring dream, our addiction, our cure, cause and resolution of many heartaches, we always come back to this beer, we want to fill ourselves with it. We want it to touch our hearts and souls while diving deep in its inebriant scents.

Sitting with friends and having a good time includes good food and some good beer to go with food. It is the beer which accompanies us on the journey of our lives. Our holidays, our travels and our good days and bad all somehow have beer in common. Our companion during happy and difficult times and letting us be the person we want to be is also some good beer. There are some beers which are available everywhere and do not require much thought or planning, both while being brewed and while being consumed. There are some beers which require you to actually savor them leisurely and get used to the taste and texture. These beers are unique in the way they are brewed and also in terms of flavors. Once you start drinking this beer, in no time it can become addictive and become your go-to drink for every season and every reason. It has such interesting flavors and helpful hints of aromas like mango, tropical fruit, grapefruit and makes it fruity and fun and fresh. Wines are generally fruity and full of flavor and can be great for accompanying different types of meals. Pairing up wine with a particular course of the meal is so common and people love to experiment with different wines. But with these wonderful beers, it is normal to find people trying out beers with different meal courses. These beers can add to the taste of any and every meal.

We want to merge with it. It has aromas of mango, tropical fruit, grapefruit and bitter orange with balsamic notes and subtle malty nuances. Light amber almost orange with a very persistent white head, rich in refined West Coast hop resins, it is liquid poetry, wisdom and satisfaction lasting till the last drop. Just like love awakens the heart making the longing for the beloved source of torment, so our hop craving will find redemption every time we will near our lips to this beer.

Beersel Morning

A blend of New Morning and 18 month aged 3 Fonteinen Lambic refined for at least 12 months in bottle. It has a surprisingly citrus nose of leather, cellar and animal with hints of dried flowers and honey.

The best part about lambic beers is the fact that there is not a lot of planning behind it. It is allowed to be spontaneous and that is exactly what turns it into a fun and funky beer. Unlike the usual beers, these blends have a unique flavor and gives unusual hints of smells and textures. Aging is very important and after spending at least twelve months in bottles it is just right to be consumed. The citrus flavor makes it seem both fresh and mature at the same time. This blend has a unique taste and it ends up lasting in your mouth for a long time. It leaves you with a nice aftertaste and leaves you happy. Beers are very different from wines and people generally are either wine lovers or beer lovers. But this is one blend which is popular with all kinds of drinkers and an afternoon lunch with this beer can be just perfect. If you are new to lambic beers and have never tasted one before, this could be your introduction to some really fantastic beers. Get the facts about this and more such tasty and addictive beers by reading about them online.

Lasting and sapid in the mouth with a sour finish that always makes the lovers of this blend smile.

This beer could very well make you develop an addiction for spontaneous fermentation and turn your entire world upside down!

ABV.6,2% 14°P

After a mechanical breakdown, 3 Fonteinen Brewery of Beersel (possibly the best Lambic blender in the world) had economic damage in the summer of 2009. The news caused such a stir in the International beer movement that I called Armand to know how things were. As he needed to sell his Lambic, I immediately got inspired to blend our New Morning with his beer. We selected three 18 month old Lambic barrels that we siphoned in a small tank on our truck. The journey back was long and hard, myself and Manuel took turns driving through Belgium, France and Italy only stopping for gas. After days hand bottling and months of maturation, the outcome has gone over and beyond our expectations and we can say with pride that it was worth it!

A.F.O. Ale For Obsessed

This top fermented beer is a free interpretation of a Pale Ale. It is deep copper in color, generously hopped (it contains more than ten different types of hops including the American Chinook, Cascade and Simcoe delivering its citrusy and exotic aromas) with a lightly toasted caramel flavor that perfectly balances its bitter finish.

Fermentation is a process in which the yeast converts the glucose to ethyl alcohol and carbon dioxide gas. This happens in the wort. Because of fermentation, the beer gets the carbonation and alcoholic content. Discover this process more here.

For the fermentation process, the wort that is cooled is transferred into the fermentation vessel. The yeast has already been added to it. Depending on whether the beer is being made to an ale or to a lager, the temperature is maintained accordingly. This is done so for six weeks.

The process of fermentation produces an excess of heat. This means that you have to cool it continuously so that the proper temperature is maintained. The capacity of the brewery is also limited based on the number of tanks that they have.

The gravity is measured when the wort is added to the yeast first. Later the gravity is again measured to know how much of alcohol is there in the beer. This lets one know when the fermentation process should stop.

The fermenter is then sealed off from the air. The vent pipe that is long and narrow is not sealed because it lets the carbon dioxide to escape from it. Because of the constant carbon dioxide flow, the outside air does not enter the fermenter. This prevents any contamination.

A beer I have always craved. To all those obsessed by Ales like me.

A.F.O. is my second creation. It was launched on the market together with VIA EMILIA at the end of March 2007. The story behind this beer dates back to January 2006 when, for the first time, I came across the new and irresistible character of American hops. Despite the initial excitement, I soon realized that my dream pale ale aimed to express something different. Thus, I challenged myself to create a complex bouquet that would end up being unusual and enticing. The investigation in the field of hop aromas (which may never end) lead me to England and Germany. I also experimented with hop varieties from New Zealand. Despite this, A.F.O.’s unmistakable character will never change.

Suggested pairings  It wonderfully pairs with BBQed beef, lamb and pork as well as cured cheeses such as Parmesan. Its best pairing is the basic human craving for a hoppy beverage though!

ABV. 5,4% 13,0° P

Storing temperature:  between 4 and 18°C (it keeps best refrigerated)

Serving temperature: between 10 and 14°


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A.F.O. Ale For Obsessed

Per avventurarsi in questo settore, si consiglia di tenere una laurea in scienza e tecnologia alimentare. Ci sono molte ragioni per cui avere questo grado apre una serie di porte per voi in questo settore e condurre la vostra vita verso la prosperità. Provate questo per capire perché questo grado offre molti vantaggi così come la conoscenza.

Si ottiene la sicurezza del lavoro quando si è in questo settore insieme a un buon stipendio. Questo perché le persone non andranno mai fame a causa del futuro assicurato. Ovunque vi troviate nella supply chain, avrete sempre il lavoro. Questo è anche quando l’economia è in un crollo e il mercato del lavoro è lul. Ci sono aziende alimentari che si chiudono, ma la tua abilità non andrà sprecata. È possibile utilizzare le competenze apprese negli altri processi. Questo è uno dei maggiori vantaggi di avere questo grado.

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Il settore dei servizi vuole che tu sia laboriante. Dovresti essere appassionato del tuo lavoro. Se hai questo atteggiamento, allora non c’è nulla che ti impedi di crescere in questo settore.

Lo stipendio è anche molto lucrativo quando si entra in questo settore.

Se amate il vostro cibo allora questo grado è pensato per voi. Siete sicuri di godere di lavorare qui. È possibile utilizzare questo grado e creare alcune birre emozionanti o testare la birra per la qualità. Sarai anche esposto ad alcune incredibili combinazioni di cibo e sapori che potresti non aver mai saputo che esistevano.

Ultimo ma non meno importante, una laurea in scienze alimentari consente di viaggiare. L’industria alimentare è altamente globale e ci sono aziende che fanno attività anche in altri paesi. Questo apre una serie di opportunità di viaggio per voi.


New Morning



Sally Brown



Sally Brown Baracco









Verdi Imperial Stout






Wedding Rauch









Violent Femme



California Sun



Donkere Vader



Smokin’ Joe






Suprema Ratio



L’Ultima Luna



Black Jack Verdi Imperial Stout



La Prima Luna






La Luna Rossa



Beersel Morning



Vieille Ville Saison



Krampus Riserva Strepponi


Beginning in 2007, Ducato Microbrewery is today’s most awarded Italian brewery. It is located in Roncole Verdi, a small village in Parma County, birth place of world’s renowned composer Giuseppe Verdi and also home land of prestigious food such as Parma ham (Prosciutto) and fizzy wines such as Lambrusco and Malvasia. A land portraying a history of daily sacrifices and great passion.

Holding a BA in Food Science and Technology and a past as home brewer, Giovanni Campari is the radical and visionary Brewmaster. Manuel Piccoli is the brewery’s executive entrepreneurial mind with a precise vision for growth and development.

Parlando di una laurea in scienze alimentari lasciate che vi dica che ha grandi prospettive di carriera. L’industria alimentare è la più grande industria su questo pianeta e le persone saranno sempre mangiare. In questo articolo si dice che si avrà la sicurezza del lavoro completo in questo campo. Si avrà un lavoro in qualsiasi ruolo si è in questo settore.

Thanks to their skills and commitment, Ducato excelled in national and international contests.

It is currently exporting more than 15% of its production to the US, Canada, Brazil, Norway, Sweden, Spain and Japan, seeing a 80% constant growth rate in its total annual volume of business.

In 2008 Verdi Imperial Stout ranked first at the “European Beer Start” in Germany marking the first time in history an Italian artisan beer has ever won an international contest.

In 2009, Nuova Mattina (the American version of New Morning) was listed as one of the world’s top 25 beers in both “Draft” and “The Wine Enthusiast” magazines.

In 2010, VIA EMILIA won the silver medal at the “World Beer Cup”, the world’s most renowned beer competition held in the USA biannually. Also, The International Beer Challenge in London awarded the Black Jack Verdi Imperial Stout with 2 gold medals. Sally Brown “Baracco” won 2 silver and a bronze. Although it had only been 3 years since production first began, all Ducato’s beers received awards. In Italy they were crowned “Brewery of the year 2010” and went on winning 4 medals, with VIA EMILA receiving a gold at the European Beer Star in Nurnberg, Germany.


In 2011 Ducato was once again crowned “Brewery of the Year” being the first brewery ever to be awarded twice in a row in Italy. It also won 7 medals at the European Beer Star with Beersel Morning and Sally Brown receiving a gold award each.




Lo sapevate che la birra è usata anche nei prodotti di bellezza della pelle e dei capelli? Sarete sorpresi di sapere come la birra aiuta a rimuovere la pelle morta. La birra aiuta a fermare l’invecchiamento precoce e idrata la pelle. Aiuta a esfoliare le cellule morte sulla pelle. Ciò consente alla pelle di apparire luminosa e di dare un tono uniforme. Poiché la birra contiene alcool, aiuta a pulire i pori della pelle e stimola la crescita delle nuove cellule.

Ecco come è possibile utilizzare la birra per pulire la pelle.

  • Utilizzare tre fragole e fare una pasta fuori di esso
  • Aggiungere un cucchiaino di birra ad esso e poi applicarlo sul viso in un movimento circolare
  • Lasciare questa miscela sul viso per circa 20 minuti
  • Lavare il viso con acqua tiepida

Per i migliori risultati utilizzare questo scrub almeno una volta in una settimana.

La birra aiuta anche a trattare l’acne. Questo è un altro vantaggio di utilizzare la birra sulla pelle. Aiuta a combattere i brufoli e cancella il punto dell’acne. La birra contiene schiuma che ha proprietà antibatteriche. Questa proprietà della birra aiuta a distruggere i germi che causano l’acne. La birra ha anche lievito che aiuta a controllare la secrezione di olio che avviene naturalmente sulla pelle. Il seguente link ti porta a conoscere gli altri vantaggi dell’utilizzo della birra.


Questo è ciò che provoca l’acne. La birra è anche in grado di mantenere il giusto livello di pH della pelle.

Per prevenire l’acne qui è come si può usare la birra.


  • Mescolare un cucchiaio di birra e miele in un bianco d’uovo
  • Utilizzare un batuffolo di cotone e quindi applicare questa miscela sulla zona che ha l’acne
  • Lasciare asciugare la miscela e poi lavarla dopo quindici minuti
  • Per ottenere i migliori risultati utilizzare questa miscela sul viso almeno una volta al giorno

Sfoggiare i piedi quando si utilizza la birra come ingrediente di bellezza. Ottenere un Foot Spa fatto a casa quando si utilizza la birra. Poiché la birra ha il lievito, lascia che la pelle si senta liscia. Anche a causa della presenza di alcol è un antisettico. Questo previene i piedi dai batteri.

  • Per fare questo riempire l’acqua calda in una vasca da bagno
  • Versare mezza birra in acqua tiepida
  • Immergere i piedi in esso e strofinare bene

È inoltre possibile utilizzare la birra per l’idrazina la pelle. Questo perché la birra ha proprietà astringenti che aiuta a eliminare i pori. Rimuove anche le tossine nocive. Un bagno di birra è il modo migliore per rimanere idratati.










“Forte e sontuosa: dedicata ad un amico perduto che forse un giorno ritroveremo, come il sole dietro la collina.”

La Winterlude prende anche lei il nome da una canzone di Bob Dylan, la scelta mi parve molto appropriata trattandosi di una winter warmer: l’idea dell’inverno come interludio, una pausa in attesa del risveglio, l’oblio prima della nuova vita.

Il sapore della birra dipende anche dal modo in cui il luppolo amaro e il malto dolce sono equilibrati. Può accadere che una birra contenga il luppolo amaro che è stato sottomesso dal sapore di malto che è dolce. Il luppolo è molto più che dare amarezza alla birra.

Questo sito Internet consente di scegliere alcune delle migliori birre.

Le birre che sono Hoppy offrono alcuni sapori deliziosi e interessanti. Questi possono essere sapori rinfrescanti come agrumi, pino e floreale. La cosa interessante è che questi sapori non possono essere replicati da altri metodi di preparazione. Alcuni dei luppolo a causa del loro basso contenuto di acido alfa non sono affatto amaro. Questi invece offrono un sapore delizioso.

Le birre a cui mi sono ispirato sono alcune Tripel belghe ma non solo, da sempre sono stato affascinato dal carattere così tipico dei luppoli di Poperinge e per questo ho cercato un contatto diretto con un coltivatore del luogo che mi potesse fornire alcune varietà del suo ultimo raccolto.

La Winterlude è una birra che ci ha sempre dato grandi soddisfazioni nelle serate che spesso organizziamo dai nostri clienti ristoratori, ha una versatilità nell’abbinamento veramente notevole.


Nel bicchiere, al naso e al palato …

Birra di alta fermentazione rifermentata in bottiglia. Di colore dorato intenso, tendente all’aranciato, ha aromi di frutta sciroppata (ananas, pesca, albicocca), zucchero candito, crosta di pane ed una caratteristica nota di erba cipollina data dal luppolo belga di Poperinge.

In bocca sprigiona calore e dolcezza ed una gasatura decisa. Una birra forte e strutturata, melliflua e suadente.

Abbinamenti suggeriti: si accompagna perfettamente con importanti formaggi a pasta semidura (Puzzone di Moena, Comtè, Fontina Valdostana) ma anche con formaggi grassi a pasta molle oltre che con salumi grassi, risotti (alle cipolle di Tropea, alla toma piemontese, ecc.), primi piatti dal condimento saporito (Pesto alla Genovese) e pasticceria secca.

Alc. 8,8%

Temperatura di conservazione: tra +4 e +18°C (se conservata in frigo preserva più a lungo le sue caratteristiche)

Temperatura di servizio: tra +8 e +12°C (da versare in ampi calici, che possano contenere l’abbondante cappello di schiuma)

Disponibilità: Tutto l’anno

Disponibile nei formati: Bottiglia 330 ml, Bottiglia 750 ml, Fusto 30 l