This bottom fermented beer is golden yellow in color with floral and herbaceous hop aromas (due to the use of Tettnang Tettnanger blooming hop variety personally selected during harvest time). The finish is sharp with a hoppy bitterness and hints of acacia honey.

Elegant, balanced and gratifying: there is always room for her!

La VIÆMILIA being my first creation, is considered by many our signature brew.

Although it may appear a simple lager, its brewing is the longest and most delicate. It is cellared for at least 6 weeks, out of which the first week is for primary fermentation and the remaining 4 to 5 for lagering at 3◦C to allow the young beer to refine. During this last phase hop flowers are added.

Every year, at the beginning of September, we travel to personally select hops from the farmers of Tettnang (a small village in the south of Germany renowned for cultivating high quality aroma hops).Tettnang hop from this town reaches the various breweries around the world safely in shipments but we would prefer to personally pick them out. The hop harvest blooms in front of us and right from the selection of the raw ingredient, we are confident of its quality and features to watch out for the classy beer flavor.  The hop imparts the level of versatility and bitter variation we would aim to achieve with the special brewing sessions. Always the hop makers guide us with their explanation on the noble blooms, and enriching our personal knowledge becomes an asset here. The slight differences in the genetic makeup of each type might bring about a marked difference in the flavor brewed and observing them at the time of harvest enables a check on that. VIÆMILIA unravels such extraordinary floral and herbaceous hop aromas due to the dry hopping process.

Manuel was inspired to call it VIÆMILIA since this beer is an anthem to our land, oppressed by thick fogs during the winter and withered by a merciless sun during the summer afternoons. The verses of a poet from Bologna helped me to put into words the mental image of a lazy day in June.

“Across wheat fields bent by the wind, between flat hills above the plane”

Suggested pairings: Parma ham, fried vegetables and chevre or on its own.

Lovers of VIÆMILIA suggest to drink it by the bucket!

ABV. 5,0 % 11,5 °P

Storing temperature: between +2 e +4°C

Serving temperature: : between +6 e +8°C

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