Machete double IPA

Heavily hopped, it has aromas of grapefruit, white grape and tropical fruit. Warm and fairly bodied, bitter but balanced, complex and persistent, its palate shows its character. It finishes with balsamic and resinous notes.

7,8% ABV. 18°P

After watching the trailer of the movie “Machete” 4 years before its showing, I was sold on creating a beer to honor him. Not any beer, only one could bear the weight of such a name: a Double IPA. The ale hopping lovers are going to have a blast with this one, for it brews with the richness of its contents and multiplies the excitement of a hop. The succulence and juicy centers of grapefruit have gracefully found their way into the hop of the beer and function the role in the mix, building on its reputation of a loyal breakfast table item. For the summers, the scorching heat makes way for the refreshing coolness of grapefruit IPA. The addition of white grape aroma to the hybrid has resulted in a wine-like crispness to the whole drink. This is a beverage that is capable of making everyone think beyond white wines and fruit juices for living the fun of all the fruity seasons. White grapes come in different varieties, and you can go to this website to discover the most suitable type of white grape for the IPA strength you are looking for. IPA has got popular variations now as smoothies, citrusy flavors and juicy drinks. The addition of a bitter orange or lime improves on the citrusy flavor of the beer and the freshness arriving with each hop of the double IPA. The pale color is perfectly preserved and the aromas have build up in the careful mix of the juicy, bitter fruits in the bottle. The fruits are kept inside and oxygen does wonderful tricks on them to increase the fan base of the beer. I have always been fascinated by well brewed Double (or Imperial) IPAs.

These are far from easy beers to brew. Limiting the caramel amount, achieving a good dryness, making sure that the higher alcohols are not overpowering are some of the key elements to avoid an undrinkable “sludge”. Above all, hop has to emerge over everything else, powerful and imperious.

This is an extreme beer, either loved or hated. It has no middle ways, middle ways are not for Machete. Machete doesn’t come to compromises.

“Machete don’t text”.

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