This is a barley wine with great character. It undergoes 18 months of maturation in French oak barriques previously hosting an Amarone wine from the Valpollicella region. Intense copper with red highlights, the nose has an extraordinarily rich and complex aroma of morel cherry, red currant and vanilla with a hint of wild berries and Madeira wine. Its full bodied mouth is warm and un-carbonated.

A beer beyond assumptions, it is dedicated to the man of tomorrow.

ABV. 13,0% 26°P

I created L’Ultima Luna to celebrate my first born, Matteo. During the pregnancy I remember dreaming up a deep, complex, evocative and well aged beer. Choosing from a wine I always loved, I decided on a 2/3 full Amarone cask to allow the beer to oxidize by exposing it to the air. It is also in honor of the oxidized wines of Andalusia and my deep love of the land there that gives them life. Although the minimum aging requirement for this so called “beer” is 9 months, after many trials I opted for 18.

Quoting Salvador Dali and Saint-Exupery, the surrealistic label depicts a painting of a child lifting the sea. This beer stands out for its exceptionally complex oxidized tertiary aromas of leather, cheese crust, Madeira, wood and roasted almonds.

Something I like to do is to leave the bottle open and drink it three months later for the greatest satisfaction.