La Luna Rossa

A blend of different beers, some of which are barrel aged up to 2 years with morel and amarena cherries. Intense amber with ruby highlights, the nose is extraordinarily complex with fruity aromas of morel and amarena cherry perfectly blending with subtle ethereal notes, acetic and lactic flavors and hints of oxidized malts. It has a sapid, full mouthed lasting palate with a magnificently elevating sour finish.

A beer for strong emotions, it is an homage to all lovers beyond time and space.

ABV. 8,0% 18°P

The moment I blend La Luna Rossa represents a mile stone in my history as a brewer when I feel truly proud and satisfied with my work. This beer has the longest maturation and its brewing resembles wine making in that regard. It is always very emotional when Myself and Luca (a solid presence at the Brewery) find ourselves between sour splashes and leftover pieces of fruit that remind me the “visciole”(morello cherry) my grandfather used to eat while playing cards.

Beer and wine are two totally different drinks and are to be enjoyed in different ways. Beer is brewed and does not require maturing or aging like wine. Wine gets better with age. It gets smoother and more sophisticated as it matures. But there are some beers which also require long maturation periods. This particular beer undergoes a long process. The base itself is the result of long term fermentation and is quite sour. Then cherries are added for the additional flavors and this process is also time-consuming. I am always emotional at this stage as it reminds me of my grandfather. We loved having cherries while playing cards and now in between the processes I end up nibbling on the leftover fruit pieces. Spending time over here doing something I love and enjoy is probably the best way to spend my life.

The start is a sour base which has undergone at least 2 years of mixed fermentation with acetic and lactic bacteria as well as Brettanomyces strains. Amarena and morel cherries are then added for additional flavor for at least 6 months. The beer is then blended with part L’Ultima Luna and part young beer and poured into numbered bottles indicating the year of the curvee. 12 more months of maturation in bottle are required before entering the market.

La Luna Rossa resembles a Flemish red based kriek beer and is extraordinarily complex and elegant. Lovers of this blend find it hard to forget.

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