It was a hop explosion, an experience heightening my senses. Imagining all I desired from my beer but never dared to ask for. Some people thought it wasn’t for everyone. Ultimately, most of those who tried it ended up falling in love with her.

6,5% ABV. 15°P

Hop is this beer’s undoubted star.

Being our reoccurring dream, our addiction, our cure, cause and resolution of many heartaches, we always come back to this beer, we want to fill ourselves with it. We want it to touch our hearts and souls while diving deep in its inebriant scents.

Sitting with friends and having a good time includes good food and some good beer to go with food. It is the beer which accompanies us on the journey of our lives. Our holidays, our travels and our good days and bad all somehow have beer in common. Our companion during happy and difficult times and letting us be the person we want to be is also some good beer. There are some beers which are available everywhere and do not require much thought or planning, both while being brewed and while being consumed. There are some beers which require you to actually savor them leisurely and get used to the taste and texture. These beers are unique in the way they are brewed and also in terms of flavors. Once you start drinking this beer, in no time it can become addictive and become your go-to drink for every season and every reason. It has such interesting flavors and helpful hints of aromas like mango, tropical fruit, grapefruit and makes it fruity and fun and fresh. Wines are generally fruity and full of flavor and can be great for accompanying different types of meals. Pairing up wine with a particular course of the meal is so common and people love to experiment with different wines. But with these wonderful beers, it is normal to find people trying out beers with different meal courses. These beers can add to the taste of any and every meal.

We want to merge with it. It has aromas of mango, tropical fruit, grapefruit and bitter orange with balsamic notes and subtle malty nuances. Light amber almost orange with a very persistent white head, rich in refined West Coast hop resins, it is liquid poetry, wisdom and satisfaction lasting till the last drop. Just like love awakens the heart making the longing for the beloved source of torment, so our hop craving will find redemption every time we will near our lips to this beer.

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