A.F.O. Ale For Obsessed

This top fermented beer is a free interpretation of a Pale Ale. It is deep copper in color, generously hopped (it contains more than ten different types of hops including the American Chinook, Cascade and Simcoe delivering its citrusy and exotic aromas) with a lightly toasted caramel flavor that perfectly balances its bitter finish.

Fermentation is a process in which the yeast converts the glucose to ethyl alcohol and carbon dioxide gas. This happens in the wort. Because of fermentation, the beer gets the carbonation and alcoholic content. Discover this process more here.

For the fermentation process, the wort that is cooled is transferred into the fermentation vessel. The yeast has already been added to it. Depending on whether the beer is being made to an ale or to a lager, the temperature is maintained accordingly. This is done so for six weeks.

The process of fermentation produces an excess of heat. This means that you have to cool it continuously so that the proper temperature is maintained. The capacity of the brewery is also limited based on the number of tanks that they have.

The gravity is measured when the wort is added to the yeast first. Later the gravity is again measured to know how much of alcohol is there in the beer. This lets one know when the fermentation process should stop.

The fermenter is then sealed off from the air. The vent pipe that is long and narrow is not sealed because it lets the carbon dioxide to escape from it. Because of the constant carbon dioxide flow, the outside air does not enter the fermenter. This prevents any contamination.

A beer I have always craved. To all those obsessed by Ales like me.

A.F.O. is my second creation. It was launched on the market together with VIA EMILIA at the end of March 2007. The story behind this beer dates back to January 2006 when, for the first time, I came across the new and irresistible character of American hops. Despite the initial excitement, I soon realized that my dream pale ale aimed to express something different. Thus, I challenged myself to create a complex bouquet that would end up being unusual and enticing. The investigation in the field of hop aromas (which may never end) lead me to England and Germany. I also experimented with hop varieties from New Zealand. Despite this, A.F.O.’s unmistakable character will never change.

Suggested pairings  It wonderfully pairs with BBQed beef, lamb and pork as well as cured cheeses such as Parmesan. Its best pairing is the basic human craving for a hoppy beverage though!

ABV. 5,4% 13,0° P

Storing temperature:  between 4 and 18°C (it keeps best refrigerated)

Serving temperature: between 10 and 14°

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